how freaking convenient

You know who you are:

Last night was definitely good. Had a good talk and kinda just got everything outta our systems. Sorry about all the making fun from my roommates hahaha you know it’s all outta love. And sorry if it seems like I haven’t been telling you things haha well by now you already know why :) I hope we’re back to where we were a week ago! I won’t neglect you just cuz I’m busy again cuz I know how ‘needy’ you are lollll. love ya ff.

harry potter swag

harry potter swag

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. this is how important background music is to a movie

[11:53:04 PM] Susan Muramoto: petr look
[11:53:16 PM] Susan Muramoto: im a vampire[11:53:17 PM] Susan Muramoto: with carrots

[11:53:04 PM] Susan Muramoto: petr look

[11:53:16 PM] Susan Muramoto: im a vampire
[11:53:17 PM] Susan Muramoto: with carrots




im pretty sure i got it from my sister. she got it 4 days ago and its going away now. but my right eye started itching this morning…WTF.

out of context convo #2:

[11:34:41 PM] Susan Muramoto: im so needy

SICK WIT IT. this is where i learned my electrocuted robot dance move yo

out of context convo #1:

Susan Muramoto 11:50 pm

    LOL. do we have to F everything

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